You absolutely shouldn’t buy this sample Ryzen 7000 CPU

In a great example of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”, you can currently buy what looks like an old engineering sample of the upcoming Ryzen 5 7600X. Given that the better-specified finished chip is due out in just over a month for a likely much lower price, there’s absolutely no good reason to do so. But you can.

video cardz (opens in a new tab) spotted a few different card samples on Alibaba’s Goofish (opens in a new tab) and the latest find is this alleged Ryzen 5 7600X sample. The listing even notes that the clock speed of this chip is 4.4 GHz, which is 300 MHz less than the expected retail clock. Lower performance, and probably a ton of bugs, are to be expected with this type of sampling device.

The chip might be a good idea for collectors or people looking to do very specific overlock experiments, but other than that it’s hard to find a good use case for something like this. This could be why the seller has put a shadow price and is asking to be contacted by anyone wishing to buy.

While this might be a red flag for some, it’s probably a good move to sell something like this. It’s easy to imagine an unwitting buyer thinking they’re getting the retail version of the chip, as opposed to some weird sample. But definitely keep those red flags in mind, as this sample is likely being sold illegally, unbeknownst to AMD.

Besides being a potentially bug-ridden card with a dodgy past, this processor is basically unusable at the moment. The motherboards available to support this socket size are not yet available, although we have been able to see them recently (opens in a new tab). Even if you managed to get in with one of these early sample builds, you’re probably going to wait until the retail models are available before you have hardware that will work with them.

What I’m trying to say is that there is absolutely no reason to buy this chip. None. Please let me know if you do and how it goes.

Nevertheless, seeing these types of ads in the online market is usually a very good sign before a product is launched. Hopefully we’ll get a solid look at pricing (opens in a new tab) soon, ahead of the launch of Zen 4 next month.

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