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Loan companies by far the most often verify the identity of their clients on the basis of the identity card provided. The loan application must include the series and ID number. Sometimes a photocopy of the document is required, which is then attached to the application.

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Anyone who has decided to borrow money would like to make the loan decision almost immediately. Meanwhile, you have to wait a bit for her. If you try Green for payday advance direct lender, everything is really fast.

Parabanks use verification not only with an ID card or bank transfer, but also with a special application. In order for our identity to be confirmed, you must log in to your own bank account. The application will download all the data that is needed to properly carry out the verification process. Lots of people will ask here if this solution is safe. It should be emphasized that such applications have very extensive security. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting confidential information to unauthorized persons.

Verification by bank transfer – This method of verification is perfect for payday loans. The lender asks the person applying for a loan to make a verification transfer. Importantly, this transfer must be made from an account that is owned by a person who wants to borrow money. It serves to confirm our identity. So if it is made from another person’s account, it will not allow you to grant a loan. The lender will only start processing the application once the transfer we have made has been on his account. So no transfer means no chance of receiving money.

Where to Get a Consumer Credit?

Payday loans have a really large group of supporters. This is not surprising when we look at the advantages that such quick loans have. Let’s see why it is worth betting on payday loans and in what respects it is more favorable than classic loans granted by banks.

Payday loans are really small formalities that need to be completed. Consequently, borrowing money does not require spending a huge amount of time to gather the necessary documents, fill out extensive applications, etc. Everything is done really quickly and efficiently, which is the undoubted advantage of this type of loan.

Speaking of payday loans, one cannot forget that in their case the credit decision is taken extremely quickly. Most parabanks involved in providing payday loans make a credit decision within no more than an hour. Consequently, a person in need of money gets it very quickly.

In the vast majority of cases, parabanks dealing with payday loans do not expect a person wanting to borrow money to present a certificate of employment and earnings. This makes payday loans available to people working without a contract and employed on so-called junk contracts. In the case of banks granting loans, this simplified procedure is unfortunately not used. Therefore, a lot of people do not have a small chance of getting a loan, even though its repayment would not be a problem.

Are payday loans safe?

Payday loans are instant loans, the popularity of which is now really huge. This results, among others, from a very shortened, simplified loan procedure. Lots of people ask if you can receive a payday loan by presenting as an identity document not an ID card but a driving license.

When we do not have an ID card – whether as a result of losing it or waiting for a new one – unfortunately, we will not be able to borrow money on the parabank. Parabanks accept only ID cards as proof of identity. Therefore, if we only have a driving license, we will not be able to confirm our identity. Moreover, it should be remembered that the ID card on the day of applying for payday pay must be a valid document. So if it has expired, no one will lend us money.

Many people ask why an ID is needed to receive payday pay. It should be clearly stated that the loan agreement must include data such as the number and ID card series. Only then is the contract that has been concluded a valid contract. Meanwhile, no other document – be it on your driving license or passport – is in vain to look for information on the number and series of your ID card. Therefore, the lack of an ID card means that no parabank will decide to lend us money.

An identity card is required by companies offering payday loans not only because of the number and series that are placed on the loan agreement but also because it is a document confirming the age of the person applying for a loan. It should be clearly stated that payday loans are granted only to adults. So if we do not have an ID card, payday pay will not be granted to us. Therefore, an ID card is necessary to borrow money.

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