Dr. LuLu Shimek announced Holistic Life magazine’s best cover for August 2022, A Woman Changing the World in Alternative Medicine

Best Holistic Life magazine has announced Dr. LuLu Shimek as their health and wellness cover for August 2022.

Best Holistic Life Magazine, created by award-winning Mindset Coach Jana Short, has over 700,000 magazine subscribers and is dedicated to helping readers on a range of topics from health to finance, and everything in between.

The magazine’s mission is to create a space for health and wellness experts to collaborate and provide wellness advice to empower readers to shape their “holistic best life.”

Dr. LuLu ShimekAugust cover of Best Holistic Life magazine, is a licensed naturopathic physician, functional medicine physician, and expert in all things genetic health.

Dr. LuLu works with patients suffering from chronic conditions including autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, digestive disorders, depression, fatigue and anxiety. Dr. Lulu works alongside people seeking to restore their own health.

As an international speaker and author, Dr. LuLu spreads her message around health and is a great advocate for prevention and well-being. Her book “Detox Nourish Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood & Love,” “offers innovative herbal remedies, aromatherapy, crystals, meditations, and mindfulness exercises to help readers on a journey of healing. ‘self healing”.

Dr. Lulu is the host of Genetic Engineering™ podcast and host of plant activation ceremonies and mineral medicine. Dr. LuLu also helps the veteran community use plants to aid in healing as the Director of Botanical Medicine at the Veterans Healing Farm, changing the world in naturopathic medicine!

Additionally, she is a regular contributor to Best Holistic Life magazine, where she provides health and wellness advice alongside leading experts and global influencers.

In the latest Best Holistic Life article, written by Dr. LuLu, she dives into “The Key to Unlocking Hormonal Evolution”, the article covers topics such as DNA and DNA myths, the epigenetics and how to reprogram hormonal DNA. In the article, Dr. LuLu explains that “using the power of genetics, people can take charge of their own health by accessing their own innate intelligence and genetic blueprint, their body.” A must-read article!

Pick up a copy of the magazine in print or digital. Learn more about Best Holistic Life Magazine – https://www.bestholisticlife.com.

About Best Holistic Life:

Best Holistic Life Magazine is a health and wellness publication founded in 2019 by Jana Short. The magazine publishes monthly editions online and digitally on a range of topics to help readers live their “holistic best life”. Each article contains life-changing advice as well as fantastic learning platforms that can enhance the reader’s effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring that they are prepared for whatever life throws at them.

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