Cops suspect Anne Heche DUI, get warrant for blood sample

Anne Heche will have to give a blood sample to the police after her car crashed into a house in Los Angeles.

The LAPD received a warrant to test the “Six Days, Seven Nights” star’s blood to see if she was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the crash, Page Six confirmed.

Officers believe Heche, 53, was intoxicated when she rammed her blue Mini Cooper into a house on Friday and suffered severe burns after the vehicle caught fire, but her blood test results could take weeks, TMZ reported.

Sources also told the outlet that, at a minimum, the LAPD would refer Heche’s case to the LA City attorney, who could press charges for hit-and-run, because she allegedly crashed into a garage and drove off before driving off. go to the next house.

“The information we received this morning was that a warrant had been obtained on the same day as the road accident, which was August 5. The warrant was for blood to be drawn, and an investigation is ongoing pending blood test results,” an LAPD representative said. Page 6. “If found inebriated, [Heche] could be charged with a hit and run misdemeanor. No arrests have been made so far. »

Anne Heche
Police reportedly obtained a warrant to test Anne Heche’s blood after her violent car crash.

Officials from the LAPD’s West Traffic Division also confirmed that Heche hit another vehicle before driving off and hitting the house.

A day after the violent accident, Heche’s rep told People in a statement, “Anne is currently in stable condition. His family and friends ask for your thoughts and prayers and respect his privacy during this difficult time. »

Anne Heche
Cops suspect Heche was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the crash.
Fox 11

Her ex-boyfriend Thomas Jane, who she dated in 2019, told the Daily Mail she needed to recover.

“My thoughts and prayers are with Anne, one of the true talents of her generation,” he said. “Thank God no one else was hurt.”

Aerial footage of the incident showed the actress being carried away on a stretcher as fire engines surrounded the home which was destroyed. His clothes and back looked visibly burned.

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