Loans: transfer of the fifth, rates and installments


What are Bank Loans

Are you a public or retired employee and need a loan? Here is a solution for you, Bank loans .

They are easy to obtain and, contrary to what is thought, can be provided not only by the institution – through its own credit fund – but also by banks and financial companies that have an agreement with Bank.

Bank funding is granted within the limits of the financial resources envisaged year by year in the budget of the Institute. The Bank   provides for different types of loans that differ according to the purpose of the loan and the amount requested.

Each of them brings benefits of no small importance, many of which are little known, often even ignored. Let’s find out together .

Who can apply for Bank Loans

Bank loans can be requested   by all public, state and retired employees, including family members, who are members of the institution’s credit facility.

In the event that an employee or a pensioner does not have all the necessary requirements for loans Bank public employees can contact banks and financial companies to apply for loans in the Bank agreement.

What are Bank Loans

Depending on the requirements and needs, it will be possible to choose between various Bank loans: small Bank loans, direct multi-year loans, guaranteed multi-year loans and home purchase mortgages.

Subsequently it will be enough to deliver all the necessary documentation, available online at the Bank site or at the competent offices, and wait for the outcome of the social security institution.

Small Bank loans

The small Bank loans are loans of limited duration and all in all short, which are granted to respond to unexpected and / or urgent needs in which the applicant pays.

What characterizes these loans is the elasticity with which they are granted: a specific motivation must not necessarily be provided, nor an analytical documentation of expenditure, as often required, be produced.

Small loans are defined since the amount that can be requested is limited, which is equal to a maximum net salary (average) or pension in the case of annual loans, up to an amount equal to four months, in the case of loans with four-year duration.

Multi-year Bank loans

Unlike small loans, they are provided for a personal or family need that is proven by the applicant. The events that can justify the granting of this type of loan are: natural disasters, theft or robbery, fire, purchase of the house or move, installations of renewable energy plants or their restructuring and even purchase of a car. Among those purely personal: marriage, birth of children, medical care and others that we do not go, here, to include.

Why are the concession conditions foreseen for these types of Bank loans so stringent ? The reason lies in the duration with which they are given (5/10 years) and in the nominal annual rate really advantageous.

Multi-year Loans Guaranteed Bank

There are phenomena that many fear can cause harm to themselves and their families. Events from which we would like to be protected, guaranteed in some way, at least from the purely economic point of view. Think about the death of the member before completing the reimbursement or termination of service without having matured the right to a pension or, again, to reduce the salary.

Here are the guaranteed multi-year loans Bank . Like multi-year loans they last five to ten years, but, unlike them, the amount of the installment must be equal to one fifth of the net salary, at most. Another advantage? Early extinction is allowed.

How to apply for Bank loans?

Through the reserved area of the INPS portal, you can apply for Bank subsidized loans .

Also within the portal are the request forms that vary depending on the type of financing that will be required, so you will have to choose between: small loans module , direct multi-year loans module and multi-year guaranteed loans module , which will be completed, printed and signed.

In regard to a multi-year Direct Bank loan, in addition to the model to be filled in, a sound and robust medical certificate must also be enclosed and must be issued no later than 45 days from the loan application.